~ Open Heart Yoga ~ 

Yoga & Wellness Center in Orefield, Pa.

Celebrate Your Life  - Soul Collage

with Debbie Belaus and Paula Tepedino

Suggested Donation $45.00

in Memory of Lisa Hoffman 

donations will be offered to autismspeaks.org

Saturday, March 23, 2019  Noon to 3:00

This workshop is designed to give pause, while demonstrating our beliefs & values in a tangible way. We do this by ceremony, movement, meditation & the art of soul collage. 

Each of us are heroines of our own lives & by living that life fully, we get to celebrate in the here & now, acknowledging our life’s journey. 

The Workshop Includes:

- guided ceremony to awaken to higher parts of ourselves
- movement {Yoga/QiGong} to relax into the moment
- meditation to hear what we need to heal
- Soul Collaging to find the ‘inner teacher’ for self-discovery

-Each participant takes home 1 to 3 completed Soul Collage Cards

(No experience needed and art supplies included)

Celebrating our life is like walking through a threshold into sacred beauty. We celebrate, here and now, honoring & acknowledging our life’s journey, together.


“Taste”  of Ayurveda

  the recipe for healthy living

Sunday, March 31st

11:00 -1:00   $35.00

Come  learn about your Dosha (body/mind constitution) and how to apply simple yogic principles to support your unique nature and gifts.  

What keeps you balanced, what brings you out, and how to get back. 

 Afterward we will share a simple cleansing dish of kitchari (mungbeans, rice, vegetables) and add specific spices to further understand the principles that support your natural state of joy and bliss. 

Often referred to as yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda is a whole person approach to health and inner harmony.  In this introductory workshop  you will learn of this ancient healing system plus find a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and others.

To register for this event: e-mail [email protected] or call 610-336-9505.  Then take a short Dosha questionnaire:


or I will e-mail you a dosha quiz.  

Important when taking this you ask, what was I like as a child, my general characteristics then, not what is happening now, to get an insight of what your dosha might be.  Don't worry we will discuss this  and it will be clear to you.  


 Cookbook 'Club' 

Next meet-up in Spring

All welcome!!   We will bring a dish made from  a chosen plant based food blogger and a printed version of the recipe.

The idea behind Cookbook Club is a simple one—a group of friends all make recipes from a food blogger or cookbook, and gather to share the feast (and get great new recipes!)  Last time we all chose the same blogger but keep it simple for this one and choose one you especially like.  Don't have one?  I can recommend my favorites.  

What to bring:

Dish to share   This plant based seasonal dish should be ready to go.  Of course you can use the stove but I don't have a microwave.

Serving utensils  Whatever is needed for people to put your food on their plate. Plates/glasses/forks will be here.

One printed recipe  We can take a picture on our phones if  copy is desired.

  Before we leave ~ we decide what chef, cookbook, or blog  we follow next gathering.  Is there someone you can suggest?  Organic, vegetarian, whole foods.  Hope you can attend!                       

(There's a bit of magic to Cookbook Club that you may not anticipate.  Along with meeting new people who also like to eat, you spend an hour making one dish and you get to taste many.  Also, in a group of avid and aspiring cooks there is usually someone willing—eager, even—to try the complicated recipes that you would never choose yourself.

When?   We would meet each season (4 times/year) and share a dish from a favorite blogger (or cookbook) that we choose for that season. The food shared would be organic, non-GMO, and vegetarian thus all eating better and finding new recipes and having fun.  You can invite another foodie friend also to partake.  We come as we can but with busy schedules I’m sure sometimes will miss.  That’s ok come for the next one).    


  To attend call 610-336-9505 or e-mail [email protected]


TEN LIFE LESSONS….the art of daily living with Erin Follweiler
Next group class to begin in 2019

Do you no longer recognize your body? Lost your zest? Have digestive issues or belly fat? Fatigue? Joint pain? Hormonal imbalances?  Would you like to wake feeling great and learn to work with your body instead of against it?  

Life Lessons is a 10-weeks to wellness class where we journey together, week by week, through daily habits that will have a profound effect on your well-being and how you show up in the world.  

The habits are taken from ancient wisdom and backed by modern science.  If you are ready to experience real change in your health, energy and connection to life then join this small group starting soon.  Please fill out the questionnaire, schedule a 20 minute complimentary strategy session and together we can see if this class will be a good fit to take you where you want to go.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. ~ Mae West


Fill out and give Erin a call to start living your life healthier & wiser.

 ~What are you currently struggling with?  What feels out of sync with your life?

~What is the positive change you’d love to add to your health and evolution routine?

~ What is the true cost of not getting help with this?

 ~Do you have a wellness supporter?  Someone who knows you and motivates you to make  better daily choices?

 ~What is the greatest change/outcome you would like to see in the next 3 months?

 ~What is your biggest strength in achieving this vision?

 ~What is your biggest struggle in achieving this goal?

Contact Erin at [email protected]  or call Open Heart Yoga at 610-336-9505.

Erin  Follweiler, Integrative Health Coach, Dietitian, and Yoga Teacher shares her passion in health to help people sift through the many choices and step into the life they really want to live .