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Yoga & Wellness Center in Orefield, Pa.

Eight-Week Series

Eight-Week Series

Drop In

There is a 10% discount given if you attend 2 or more classes a week

Our normal class sessions run 8 weeks. This ensures you a space in one class per week that you choose and a discount on your fee. In the summer we adjust our class sessions & price to a more flexible Six-Week schedule. Missed classes can be made up during the sessions if space is available in another class. Missed classes can not be made up in the following session. 

Reservations by phone are required for all make ups.  Only 1 makeup per session is allowed.

Student Handbook

  • For your safety, fill in a current HEALTH INFORMATION FORM
  • Inform your teacher if you have any health concerns or changes in your health
  • Empty belly and and open mind helps when taking a class
  • Arrive a few minutes early to settle yourself 
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or heavily-scented lotions
  • Starting mid-series costs will be pro-rated
  • Non-refundable missed classes

We look forward to sharing the ancient teachings of yoga and studio with you.